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Meet the Bollig Staff: Neighbors Serving Neighbors, Part 2

At Bollig Engineering, we live our purpose of being “Neighbors serving Neighbors”.  We aim to strengthen , preserve, and transform the future and quality of life in our communities that we work and live in.  Our employees are an integral part of the small cities and towns they live in and serve and we’re dedicated to enhancing the fabric of these communities in every way possible. You may have read about Kindra Carlson, Laura Ostlie, Don Broberg, and Angela Olson in Part 1 of  “Neighbors Serving Neighbors”. Today, we invite you to learn about Jordan Odegard, Bryan Caffin, Paul Jurek, and Dan Hanson.

Jordan Odegard, Project Engineer with Bollig Engineering

Jordan Odegard – Project Engineer

Jordan grew up in the small town of Clarkfield, MN and was fortunate to have the Clarkfield Infrastructure improvements as one of his first major projects. “I really enjoyed working in a community that I was familiar with and being able to help them address their infrastructure needs. There was a lot of components to this project, and it was cool to see them all come together for a community that was very close to home.”

“Growing up in a smaller community, I understand the importance of helping others in need. Working with a community is no different. Small towns are very close knit and passionate about their communities. There are a lot of small towns that have failing infrastructure with no way to pay for it. Therefore, I feel the need to help so they can prosper for years to come.”

Pictured: Jordan Odegard at a work site.


Bryan Caffin – Project Manager

Bryan Caffin - Project Manager at Bollig Engineering, Volunteer Coach with New London Spicer Wildcats Football Team

Bryan volunteers as much time as he is able into coaching varsity Football and Track and Field at New London Spicer High School. “I have such a passion for helping coach and mentor young athletes as they navigate becoming adults. I always tell the kids, ‘Winning is a biproduct of doing the right thing, on and off the field.’ That message was instilled in me at a young age it has helped me both in my professional career and at home. The coaching staff at NLS is a great group of guys and gals. Winning a state championship in Football in 2022 was the icing on the cake!”

“I grew up in the Midwest. My father worked for Union Pacific RR so we moved every 2-3 years growing up. I have lived in almost every state between Kansas and Wisconsin and the one thing that always stuck with me was how proud people are of the community they live in. I love watching small towns be able to make the improvements that they need with the services we provide here at Bollig. Small towns can have big problems too and I am very proud to be a part of the solution!”

Pictured: Bryan with the players from the New London- Spicer Wildcats Football Team.

Paul Jurek – Senior Engineer

Paul Jurek, Senior Engineer at Bollig Engineering

Paul takes part in Knights of Columbus, Willmar 100 Yard Club, and the Eagles and the Elks in Willmar. Paul enjoys learning about small cities and the people who live in them. “I like to meet people and understand how their cities work. Each city has its own story with the past, present and future. It is interesting and fun to get to know them.”

When asked what project he’s most proud of, Paul said, “I really enjoy working on the ‘downtown’ projects that deal with the city challenges and limited budgets… Brooten, Lake Lillian and South Haven are some of the downtown projects that I have worked on… it’s been great to help make their downtown look great again and fulfill their needs.”

Pictured: Paul taking a selfie in front of one of his project work sites.

Dan Hanson – Project Manager

Dan Hanson, Bollig EngineeringDan’s leadership extends outside of Bollig to his Tae Kwon Do students! He has been a Martial Arts and Self Defense Instructor in Willmar for 34 years. He knows the value of being involved in small towns. “A small town is where I grew up. I lived in Raymond, Minnesota until the age of 20. Small towns allow for a sense of knowing your neighbors well and having a sense of belonging.”

Dan is also proud of the work that Bollig has done for the water and sewer main project in Barrett, MN. “This project affected every street in town. Everything is fresh and new after completion. The city and staff of Barrett were exceptional to work with.”

Pictured: Dan with some of his Tae Kwon Do students and other instructors. Angela Holm, Aviation Lead at Bollig, is also a Tae Kwon Do Instructor pictured in the group.

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Bollig Engineering is proud of our staff’s accomplishments, whether its helping small cities find infrastructure solutions or giving back to their communities with their time and talents. If you want to learn more about our team and how we can help your small city, reach out to the Bollig team online or call (320) 235-2555, or contact us here

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