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Minnesota Flyer features Hector as Airport of the Month

Nestled in the heart of Minnesota, the Hector Municipal Airport has been a pivotal aviation hub for decades. In fact, the Hector Municipal Airport was featured by long-time aviation writer Tom Foster, as the “Airport of the Month” in the August 2023 issue of Minnesota Flyer Magazine. Click here to view the PDF article.

History of the Hector Airport

As the Minnesota Flyer article states, in 1949, the Hector Municipal Airport consisted of two turf runways. Fast forward to 1966, and the primary runway was not only paved but also equipped with lighting, stretching to an impressive 2800 feet. The second runway, a charming 2400-foot stretch of turf, maintained its allure, but its geometry raised concerns over time. Today, with 26 aircraft calling Hector home and a waiting list for hangar space, there is a need for increasing capacity.

Hector Airport’s Master Plan

Ensuring the airport’s ongoing success and safety requires dedicated professionals who understand aviation infrastructure, and this is where the Bollig Engineering team comes in. Recognizing the need to plan ahead, the Hector City Council embarked on their airport’s first Master Plan. Hector’s unique plan incorporates innovative features and careful planning and improvements without disrupting other crucial airport functions. Click here for more detailed information about Hector Municipal Airport’s Master Plan and ongoing developments.

Fly-In Breakfast Third Sunday in September

For over 75 years, aviation enthusiasts and the local community have looked forward to the Hector Lion’s Fly-in Breakfast. It is scheduled annually for the third Sunday in September at the Hector Municipal Airport (1D6) usually from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm.  Attendees enjoy a delectable all-you-can-eat breakfast for a free will donation, and pilots-in-command (PICs) eat breakfast for free. The diverse aviation spectacle includes ag planes, warbirds, classics, antiques, homebuilt aircraft, helicopters, and ultralights. Excitement mounts with the famous Ping Pong Ball Drop at 11:30 am for kids ages 12 and under. Thank you to the Hector MN Lions Club who have sponsored the Fly-In since 1979, with this years funds benefiting Hector Community projects. Angela Holm, Aviation Lead at Bollig Engineering, attended this year’s Hector Fly-In with her family and got some great photos that you can see in the slideshow below! You cans also learn about other Fly-in Breakfasts at Minnesota airports. 

Questions? Reach out!

Bollig Engineering is proud of their partnership with Hector Municipal Airport and their combined commitment to safety, innovation, and sustainable growth. The City’s dedication to the Hector Airport’s Master Plan ensures that Hector Municipal Airport remains a cornerstone of the community. If your municipal airport or city wants to learn more about how Bollig can help with infrastructure or aviation improvements,  reach out to the Bollig team online or call  (320) 235-2555.

To read the PDF article “Hector Municipal Airport” in Minnesota Flyer, click here.
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