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GIS Asset Management for Small Cities – Silversmith Data

Bollig Engineering is thrilled to announce its partnership with Silversmith Data, an innovative GIS asset management software that can revolutionize how cities operate and thrive. Many small cities still use a paper record keeping system that can be outdated and inefficient. As an engineer focused on helping small cities, Bollig Engineering has seen first-hand the unique challenges that small municipalities face in efficiently managing their assets and infrastructure, and how Silversmith Data can help.

What is Silversmith Data?

Silversmith Data is an advanced Geographic Information System (GIS) asset management software designed to support municipalities in their infrastructure and asset management efforts. The user-friendly cloud-based software seamlessly integrates spatial data with asset management.  The annual cost is based on population size, making it an adaptable and efficient solution for small cities.

How does Silversmith Data Benefit Bollig Engineering’s clients?

Bollig Engineer’s partnership with Silversmith Data provides data collection and customization to ensure your GIS Database matches your City’s needs.  We meet with your staff and collect, itemize and input data to meet your unique preferences.  We are available to train your staff to effectively use the GIS Database for effective maintenance and ongoing repairs.

The annual cost of Silversmith Data is based on population size, making it an adaptable and efficient solution for small cities.

GIS Asset Management – Benefits for Small Cities

Enhanced Asset Inventory

Silversmith Data - GIS Asset Management for Small Cities - Bollig Engineering
Brady Pantizke, Construction Services Manager at Bollig, uses the Silversmith data collector to GPS the hydrant locations.

Silversmith Data empowers small cities to create a comprehensive inventory of their assets, such as roads, bridges, water and wastewater systems, parks, and more. By maintaining an up-to-date inventory, city officials gain the ability to make informed decisions regarding maintenance, upgrades, and investments, ultimately ensuring the longevity of their vital infrastructure.

Streamlined Maintenance Planning

Proactive maintenance and planning play a pivotal role in extending asset lifespans and reducing long-term costs. Silversmith Data facilitates scheduling and prioritizing maintenance tasks based on asset condition, ensuring efficient resource utilization while minimizing the need for costly emergency repairs.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Recognizing that small cities often operate with limited budgets and resources; Silversmith Data helps to optimize resource allocation by identifying critical assets and strategically deploying resources where they are most needed. This strategic approach is especially important for small cities and maximizes the return on investment for infrastructure projects.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Silversmith Data excels in transforming complex data into actionable insights. Cities can utilize the software’s robust data analysis capabilities to make informed decisions regarding infrastructure improvements, safety measures, and long-term planning, all backed by comprehensive GIS data. When City staff understand how resources are used, those resources can be better managed.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with regulations is paramount for small cities to secure funding and avoid costly penalties. Silversmith Data assists municipalities in maintaining compliance by monitoring asset conditions, inspection schedules, and reporting requirements, ensuring that cities remain in good standing with regulatory agencies.

Enhanced Collaboration

Silversmith Data fosters collaboration among city departments and stakeholders by offering a centralized platform for information sharing. This seamless communication allows different teams (such as city staff, the Bollig Engineering team, and other contractors) to work together cohesively, leading to improved coordination and more effective decision-making.

Bollig’s clients can trial the Silversmith Data software at no charge for one year, then continue on a subscription basis or cancel at no cost.  Either way, the Bollig team will be by your side to answer technical questions.

Learn More Today!

The partnership between Bollig Engineering and Silversmith Data provides invaluable support to small cities as they maintain and manage their infrastructure. This is just one of the many reasons why Bollig Engineering is the engineering of choice for so many cities and airports in Minnesota. If you are a small city seeking to maximize your resources, reach out to Bollig Engineering today! Give us a call at 320-235-2555 or fill out this simple online form.