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Benefits of City Employees Belonging to Associations

Staying connected to other professionals who work for municipalities has many great benefits. As we work with city clerks, public works employees, mayors, and other dedicated city staff in Minnesota, we have noticed that those who belong to and participate in professional associations are better connected with people and resources. Here are some great reasons to join one of these associations of your peers:

  • Gain a network of people in similar roles to ask questions, share ideas and connect with
  • Continue learning and growing though training and certifications
  • Find out about new trends, laws, or industry-specific developments
  • Take part in cooperative statewide efforts toward legislative issues and advocacy
  • Have access to expanded resources when staff or skills are limited
  • Network, learn, and grow through industry conferences

Associations for City Employees in Minnesota

American Water Works Association – Minnesota Section (MNAWWA)
MN American Water Works Asc - Bollig EngineeringThe American Water Works is the world’s largest association of water professionals. The MNAWWA brings together Minnesota water professionals, including engineers, operators, and others, to share experiences and stay informed about local and industry-specific developments. Members can participate in committees and advocacy efforts that focus specifically on the challenges and advancements within the Minnesota water sector.
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League of Minnesota Cities (LMC)League of MN Cities- Bollig Engineering - Associations for City Employees
City staff across various roles can find immense value in the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC). This organization provides a comprehensive support system, offering resources, training, and advocacy services that help cities of all sizes with diverse challenges. LMC has a large annual conference in June where you can find Bollig Engineering and many other great exhibitors.
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Minnesota Association of Small Cities (MAOSC)MN Small Cities - MAOSC - Bollig Engineering
The Minnesota Association of Small Cities (MAOSC) has provided small cities of populations of 5000 or less with a strong unified voice for more than four decades. Joining this organization of 700+ cities helps ensure that the unique needs and challenges of small municipalities are addressed. As an engineer who is also focused on the needs of small cities, Bollig is proud to be an ongoing “North Star” Corporate Member Sponsor.
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Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA)MN Council of Airports - MCOA
The Minnesota Council of Airports (MCOA) offers a unique platform for individuals and entities involved in the aviation industry in Minnesota. Members benefit from networking opportunities, access to crucial information and resources about policies and safety standards, and the chance to collaborate on projects that support the growth and sustainability of airports in the state. The membership includes airport managers, aviation professionals, government representatives, and others with an interest in the aviation sector in Minnesota.
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Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA)MN Rural Water Association MNRWA
Joining the Minnesota Rural Water Association (MRWA) offers members in the water industry various benefits such as technical assistance, training, and networking opportunities. Members include water system operators, government agencies, and others. Bollig is proud to be an Emerald Level Corporate Sponsor and is an exhibitor at the MRWA annual conference.
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Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association (MWOA)Minnesota Wastewater Operations Association
The Minnesota Wastewater Operators Association (MWOA) offers valuable benefits to its members in the wastewater industry. The association serves a diverse membership base, including wastewater operators, engineers, regulatory personnel, and others. Members can benefit from advocacy for the interests of wastewater professionals at the state level, support for wastewater certification processes, and opportunities for career advancement within the wastewater sector.
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Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association of Minnesota (MCFOA)Municipal Clerk & Finance Officers Association - MCFOA
Joining the Municipal Clerks and Finance Officers Association of Minnesota (MCFOA) provides municipal clerks and finance officers with opportunities for professional development, networking, and access to valuable resources. MCFOA also serves as an advocate for its members at the state level, enhancing the overall effectiveness and credibility of municipal clerks and finance officers in Minnesota. MCFOA’s Annual Conference is in March every year. This is one of our favorite conferences!
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Some other local organizations that may be of benefit to Minnesota municipal workers include:

The benefits of these organizations extend beyond just individual development by also providing positive impacts to the communities their members serve. By supporting membership in one or more of these organizations, your city can contribute to collective efforts that ensure Minnesota cities thrive in the face of evolving challenges. We encourage you to consider finding an organization that fits your professional needs or share this information with a colleague who may benefit.

Bollig Engineering is proud to sponsor many of these impactful organizations. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have questions or if you have infrastructure challenges we can help with.