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Designed for Small Cities

For small cities, fixing an aging infrastructure without funding and resources can be overwhelming. It can feel like….

Finding people to help who truly understand the needs of small cities is difficult.

The current approach and temporary solutions are not working.

Access to grants and funding is too complex and out-of-reach.

Lake Lillian Project

About Us

Designed for Small Cities

Bollig Engineering purposefully specializes in the utility and infrastructure needs of small cities. We strive to make projects affordable for our clients through loans and grants. We are neighbors serving neighbors, right here at home.

Our Expertise

Solutions Built for Your City

We work side-by-side with cities like yours to design affordable infrastructure solutions that transform communities.


We design and implement civil engineering plans to strengthen cities and improve quality of life.

Boyd Water Tower


As Airport Consultants, we help design and implement plans to update or revitalize  your airport facilities.


Our funding team knows the best ingredients and how to create a unique recipe to help fund your project.

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Trusted By:

Population: 187

Drinking Water Infrastructure, Wastewater, Storm & Sewer Improvements With infrastructure constructed in the 1960’s,...

Population: 1290

The Elbow Lake Municipal Airport serves the local community and is also home to...

Population: 348

Water Tower and Future Planning Like many rural communities, the City of Russell in...

Population: 510

Like many rural communities, the age and condition of Sacred Heart’s utility systems were...

Population: 752

The City of Brooten, MN needed an arrival/departure facility to represent the city well,...

Population: 2076

The Tracy Municipal Airport’s original apron was sloped so steeply for center drainage that...

Population: 762

Infrastructure Improvements The City of Raymond needed to replace two leaking wastewater ponds, and...

Population: 752

As City Engineer, Bollig Engineering has provided design, bidding, construction administration, and construction oversight...


What our Clients Say

Shane Daniels

Airport Manager / Public Works Director
City of Tracy

“The Bollig Team knew how to get the attention and support of MNDOT and the FAA to help the Tracy Airport regain its NPIAS status and took the steps to get it done quickly. Bollig’s dedicated service and support has gotten us back on track to be a viable airport and planning for our long-term goals.”

Melissa Stenson

City Clerk / Treasurer
City of South Haven

“Bollig coming on board with the City of South Haven was nice because they are very family-orientated and work with a lot of small communities. So for us, working with them was a great fit because they got to know our residents, my council, and our community as a whole.”

Joe LaRue

Airport Manager
Elbow Lake Airport

“The Bollig Team has been engaged since day one and has made a ‘night and day’ difference in putting our projects on a fast track.”

Stephanie Clausen

City Administrative Clerk / Treasurer
City of Boyd

“All the people that we have worked with at Bollig have been great. They help us understand our projects and options so we can prioritize what we could afford and what needs to be done first, without the B.S. They are honest and I can tell they care about our city.”

Ardell Tensen

City of Raymond

“Raymond has been working with Bollig for several years. They’ve been problem solvers and interacted well with our residents to diffuse any problems or concerns. I had a hard time reaching our previous engineer, so I appreciate Bollig staff are accessible when I need them.”

Larry Putz

Former Mayor
City of Brooten

“We selected Bollig for their fresh, down-to-earth perspective and have been very pleased. They are a young, energetic company that established good relationships with our staff, council, and community. Bollig successfully completed complex funding acquisition for us. They’ve shown fiscal responsibility on behalf of the city and I can trust our overall community wellbeing is a priority to them.”

Brooke Hebrink

City Council Member,
City of Sacred Heart

“As a member of the Sacred Heart City Council, I’ve worked with Bollig, Inc for the past 10 years on several infrastructure and utility improvement projects… Sacred Heart has placed a great deal of trust in Bollig, Inc and we recognize we would not be where we are today without their guidance and expertise. We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with the Bollig Team. They’ve become a part of our community, and they understand who we are – they truly are neighbors serving neighbors!”

Gina Schellenberg

Public Works and Airport Manager,
Hector Municipal Airport

“Bollig is a great Engineering firm to work with. They have been a great help on our Airport reconstruction and are always willing to help in any way that they can.”

Valerie Halter

City Clerk
City of Lamberton

“The City of Lamberton hired Bollig just before I was hired. I have been very impressed with their philosophies and dedication to getting things done. I truly believe they want the best for our town and will do everything they can for us to be successful in our goals.”

Marie Grant

Former City Clerk
City of Russell

“We would not have had any idea how to proceed with our water tower issues. The Bollig team has been with us every step of the way and has guided us through any issues that come up. They are great to work with and explained everything.”

Jason Alberts

Public Works Director,
City of Russell

“Bollig engineering has been a pleasure to work with. Everyone on the team shows a great amount of professionalism and a wealth of knowledge. Their attention to detail is second to none. Their ability to listen and adapt in any situation is extremely valuable. I believe that Bollig Engineering has great things happening and is up to date on standards,  rules and regulations in the industry. Thanks for helping and assisting the city of Russell to improve and move forward with important projects and for all the things in the past that have already taken place. Working together has been very rewarding.”

Willie Morales

M.P.P, M.S.A, M.C.P.P.O
Local Government Executive

“As a small unit of local government, we count on expert consultants that understand the fast paced and regulatory environment in which we perform… It has truly been a pleasure to work with Bollig and in particular with project engineer, Ms. Angela Holm who has demonstrated expert level awareness for the Minnesota Department of Transportation Aeronautic Division’s, funding mechanisms. Within a very short window of time, Ms. Holm was able to successfully meet with City leadership to strategize capital improvement planning for our municipal airport, reorganize priorities, and submit a grant to the State securing a grant of $127k in less than three months’ time.”

Our Process

A Bright Future for Your City is Ahead!

We know your project is big, and your resources are limited.
We are ready to lend a hand.

Talk Shop!

Reach out! We would love to chat about your city’s current challenges, goals, and to see how we can help.

Take Small Steps
to Success

From a needs assessment to council meetings and funding research, together we make the plans needed for success.

Count on Us
to Get to Work

With the Bollig team working alongside you, you can trust that your city will get the transformation it deserves.

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