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Bollig GIS services include: 

  • Custom maps
  • Broadband mapping
  • Agricultural application mapping
  • Recreational mapping
  • Utility mapping
  • Future mapping
  • Web mapping services
  • Parcel mapping
  • Shapefile/Geodatabase creation
  • Large format printing


About Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a valuable tool for land records management.  GIS is an Internet-based mapping system that stores layers of information based on its geographic location. 

GIS mapping provides a streamlined and well-administered data integration system that coordinates numerous sets of data into one system, which, in turn, increases resourcefulness and efficiency in land information management and delivery.  The GIS-building process involves converting the information from thousands of paper records to an electronic format that can be accessed via the Internet.  Storing, searching, retrieving, and editing GIS data is fast, easy, and user friendly.

Information is stored based on location so it is easier to find, use, and can be seen in relation to other datasets.  Customized searches to locate and retrieve information can be based on the Data, such as address, parcel number, sewer structure number, by pipe size, etc., or based on the Location, such as data within a specified distance of a point, line polygon, or selected feature.  Information can then be exported into Excel for reports or mail merge.

Custom maps can be developed that include components such as utility mapping, recreational mapping, parcel mapping, zoning districts, future development, and other information as desired by the City.  The system has measuring abilities and drawing and markup tools to create special maps for reports and meetings.  We are flexible and work with you to provide the end product in a format that is specifically tailored to your needs.


Technology-Enabled Efficiencies in Land Surveying

Bollig Inc provides surveying for our in-house engineering and design services, for other private engineering firms, as well as for private and municipal clients and the state and federal government.

Our surveying staff uses state-of-the-art survey equipment, including Trimble R8 GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and Trimble 5600 robotic total stations, which greatly enhance the efficiency of our survey field personnel. The Trimble R8 GNSS uses multi-national satellites to deliver reliable, precise positioning performance in challenging areas such as tree cover or limited sky views. The Trimble 5600 robotic total station measures angles, has a direct reflect EDM with SC prismless technology and a built-in 2.4 GHz radio for communication with the rover. A Nikon level is used to provide high precision elevations for primary control networks.

All of these systems allow for one-person survey crews or larger survey crews as field conditions and specific project conditions dictate. The Trimble data collector provides a direct link from the field to the drawings and back out to the field for construction staking. The use of this technology enables us to make optimum use of people, time and equipment. Electronic GIS mapping is provided through ArcView GIS software. 

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